Saturday, March 18, 2017

How To Properly "Group" Your Dirty Laundry Before Washing

As my mother has taught me, the "proper way" of "doing your laundry" is to at first make sure you "group together" your clothes in the appropriate piles as you put your dirty clothing in your laundry baskets.

For instance, TWO MAIN SECTIONS are focused:

1. Put clothing items that are starting from your "waist up" like shirts, dress shirts, jackets, coats, hats, scarfs, do-rags, arm bands together in "grouping" but then but all the clothing items in the "waist up group" into SEPARATE piles of 1. "whites/lights" clothing and 2. "colors/darks" clothing.

2. Put clothing items that are "waist down" like your blue jeans, jeans, dress pants, socks all together in "grouping" and then SEPARATE your clothing items from there into TWO PILES of 1. "whites/lights clothing and 2. "colors/darks" clothing piles.

After all your clothes have been "sorted out" the "right way" you are then ready to begin "washing your clothes" starting with the "waist up" laundry basket grouping being washed first before the "waist down" laundry basket grouping. Amen.

Saturday, June 18, 2016


As my mother has taught me, little rainstorm showers called "squalls" that are brief, quick rain showers that pour down when no rain has happened in a certain area then may stop or subside soon.

"Squalls" usually happen in the southern states of the United States of America such as in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia.

"Athlete's Foot"

As my mother once shared with me... She told me it's not good for a person to wear shoes without wearing socks on his/her feet because if his/her small "pinky toes" touch the siding of the inside of a shoe; his/her toes can be infected and eventually cause that whole foot and/or feet to have "athlete's foot" condition. Amen.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Create & Build Your Life Prioritization

Segment, prioritize ad adapt to every situation and challenge you work on in the time-based real world interaction.

You might not do what and how you would do something, but keep working on what's immediately important for you to do in your life.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Create & Build Your Life Bathroom Tip # 1

Flip the used wet side of a towel on its opposite side to allow to hang and dry.

Create & Build Your Life Dishwashing Tip # 1: Use Your Spoon Or Fork to First Put Away The "Clean" Dry And Moist Foods

Use your spoon or fork to scoop out the "clean" "dry" food like rice, pasta and grains and then the "moist" food like boiled cooked vegetables before using your spoon or fork to scoop out (spaghetti) sauces, cooked meat or any food that would "dirty" your spoon or fork (i.e. "kitchen utensils") so you do not have to use a second spoon, fork or any other kitchen utensil.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Create & Build Your Lip Gardening Tip # 2: Buy Vegetable,Fruit And Flower Seeds At The Dollar Tree Store

You can buy fruit, vegetable seeds in a group of four (4) packets for a $1.00 (0.25 cents per packet) at the Dollar Tree store.

This is a good deal as from personal experience I have seen the seeds effectively bud and start to grow as soon as the seeds were planted and water appropriately as needed.